All Secure Group, an Indiana based company that provides comprehensive building security systems for schools, governments and other private sector organizations today announced a strategic Partnership with Eco Development, LLC.  Eco Development provides unique and comprehensive customized sustainable energy savings solutions for organizations which provide a positive ROI for the organization.

The two companies have agreed to work together which will in turn bring greater value to each of their respective client bases.  Mark Barclay, President of AllSecure Group says, “Forming this important alliance will allow our client who engage Eco Development’s Services to recover money through energy savings which can be reinvested in a more secure work environment.”  State-of-the-art physical building access control system, video surveillance technology and secure IT data infrastructure solutions require on-going investment to stay current.   Discovering new ways to help organizations realize new streams of revenue is a win win for everyone.

Eco Development, LLC not only offers energy savings programs through facility management, but also Commodity management of resources as well as Logistics consulting.

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