Kids notice everything.  Leverage off that.

“If You See Something, Say Something” is the security mantra broadcast to fans attending sporting events, rock concerts and for students at school. Schools have the ability to make it easier for everyone to see something by using the inherent resources they have on campus. Kids notice everything.

Requiring the back packs and bags that students wear to school to be transparent sends a strong message that schools and local communities are taking every step to empower students to say something if they see something. This simple approach will enable the 1,000 plus sets of eyes on campus and in classrooms, to become a proactive layer of security for spotting weapons or other prohibited articles.

If I’m a school principal, I’d like to see what kids are bringing on to my campus. If I’m a teacher, I’d like to know what a student is toting into my classroom. Idea; maybe schools should consider adding backpacks to their dress code and require them to be transparent. Requiring the use of a transparent “carry on” turns everyone into a weapons detector campus wide, not just at a checkpoint. Kids notice everything.

Students are looking to government and local officials to take action to protect them. Here’s our chance. Requiring students to only carry transparent back packs, musette pouches, or draw string back sacks would provide an added layer of security for schools at all grade levels. What would be the argument against promoting a safer learning environment?

Transparent back packs have numerous security advantages. The advantages for students and security personnel include but are not limited to allowing students to keep an eye on their belongings, no more mistakenly grabbing the wrong back pack, and empowering everyone to take action if they see dangerous items.Kids notice everything.

Transparent draw string style back pouches or musette type bags can also be used. The draw string style of carry on is safer than a back pack or musette style due to its limited storage space, inability of others to deposit articles within it while wearing it, and the greater effort required for opening and removing articles. As security officials know with respect to perceiving a threat, “more reaction time equals greater safety”.

Transparency with respect to contents carried on campus just makes sense. Doing so raises everyone’s conscious level. It’s a given that being able to detect prohibited items carried around campus on public display will keep accountability where it belongs; with the carrier.

People respect what you inspect and kids notice everything