Homeland Security Wireless Equipment and Gear

After September 11th, we embraced the importance of being proactive and doing our part to protect the American Way of Life.
Protecting people and assisting clients in securing the infrastructure critical to the well-being of America became our paramount objective. We visited Underwriter Laboratories, learned the importance of Mean Time Between Failure, and how to discern the best products for the facilities we needed to cover. After that, we established strategic partnerships with manufacturers known for having the highest quality products in the business. Our team has designed and implemented a multitude of security systems for Utility Companies, Courthouses, Law Enforcement and Schools.

All Secure Group distributes best-in-class security screening systems that unite cutting-edge technology and user-friendliness
with the best customer service in the industry.

We have innovative and affordable solutions for screening mail, packages, baggage, cargo, vehicles, and people,
offering detection capabilities that evolve with your needs and deliver unprecedented value.

When it comes to detecting virtually every kind of threat – from explosives and narcotics to weapons and contraband –
All Secure Group delivers what you need.

All Secure Group Introduces Isotec Security’s IQ System . . .

IQ is the fastest and most economical way to upgrade NovaComm’s Mark III or Mark IV models and
existing Isotec Security Entrances.  Find out more