Secure Surveillance

All Secure Group partners with surveillance system industry leader, Bosch for the surveillance system piece for school, manufacturing facilities, jails, prisons, etc..  It is scaleable to fit your security needs.  Investing in the right technology is central to the protection of your employees, students and visitors to your facility. While you naturally want your facility premises to be as open and welcoming as possible – as well as making it easy for staff and visitors to move around the building – you need to ensure maximum protection against unauthorized intruders.

In the event of an emergency, people’s lives hang on the reliable functioning of access control systems. This combination of cutting-edge technology, open access and strict security is precisely what Bosch Access Control solutions offer you.

The Bosch access control components offer you a perfectly flexible system for medium to large sized projects. Thanks to the scalability of the hardware components – Access Modular Controllers, readers and credentials – the system grows according to your security needs. Start out with Access Professional Edition (APE) software for medium sized projects and switch later to BIS Access Engine (ACE) when your security requirements grow – the hardware stays the same.

BIS Access Engine (ACE) is an ideal access control solution for high-end projects, such as airports or stadiums, that can also be used in medium sized applications.  For mid-end projects such as schools, we offer the Access Professional Edition (APE), which can also be used in the entry-level.

Both software products, ACE and APE use our Access Modular Controller (AMC).