Isotec Security Enterance Synergy

Introducing . . .
Isotec Security’s IQ System

IQ is the fastest and most economical way to upgrade NovaComm’s Mark III or
Mark IV models and existing Isotec Security Entrances.

IQ’s universal architecture and adaptability can also serve as the electronics foundation for converting any vestibule area into an
interlocking door system. IQ incorporates Isotec Security’s Programmable Logic Controller, Color Touchscreen Console, Power
Supply, and Associated Cables. A Step by Step pictorial installation Manual is provided. Installation and testing takes less than 2 hours.

System Components:

  • IQ Controller Assembly
  • 10”x14”x6” Enclosure with Hinged Cover
  • Isotec Interface Mother Board
  • PLC Controller with two expansion modules and internal cables
  • UL Listed Emergency Release Board
  • Touchscreen Console Model WC700 with current Software
  • Power Supply 24VDC @ 6Amp rated UL Listed with 6’ cable
  • Interconnect 100’ Cable, Plenum Rated
  • Intercom 9’ Cable (for use with existing Aiphone Intercom)
  • Wireless Receiver 12’ Cable (for use with existing Linear Receiver)
  • Mark III Connector Installation Kit
  • Installation and Maintenance Manuals
  • 1-Year Warranty for IQ parts and components


Develop technology based solutions to protect and keep safe the innocent,
the unknowing, and those charged with their safety.

Synergy’s functionality includes Isotec’s proprietary Ultra-Black high resolution
color touch screen; with command & control, video, and touch-to- talk audio in
one platform. Synergy’s features provide complete operator utility;
requiring minimal or NO counter space.


  • Larger 8 ½” Diagonal Touchscreen
  • Ultra-Black High Resolution
  • Voice Prompt Alerts
  • ADAAG or ANSI Screen Configurations
  • System Logging Functions
  • Built in Diagnostics
  • Multiple Consoles (Optional)
  • Docking Station Portability (Optional)
  • Embedded Media Switch (Optional 5 Cameras & 3 Intercoms)
  • Wall Mounting (Optional)

Product Support

  • Online Training with Isotec Engineers for Operational Demonstrations
  • End User and Technician Manuals Provided