AUBURN, IN — A potentially tragic event was averted when an Isotec Safety Entrance, recently installed at the Dekalb County Courthouse, stopped a man with a gun trying to enter the building. The man, yet to be identified, was denied access by Isotec’s Safety Entrance when it detected a concealed weapon on his person. As designed, the security vestibule’s automated security functions denied the man access into the courthouse.

After being detected with a weapon, the man brandished, what was described by one deputy as “a pretty decent size” revolver that was concealed in his pants behind him. The man began yelling at a Deputy Sheriff through the glass. He then threw the weapon at the glass, picked it up and left.

Dekalb County Sheriff Cserep said, “Most of the public that I know of are moving through without encumbrance.” He said officers do not know the identity of the man who became angry and pulled a gun from his trousers while attempting to enter the courthouse. He said police could file charges if they can identify the man.

“That answers the question we had this morning about why we’re doing a little more thorough search,” said County Council President Rick Ring.

Isotec President David Barnes commented, “We applaud Dekalb County and All Secure Group for investing the time and effort to deploy our technologies as part of their commitment to keep employees and visitors safe. An armed perpetrator walking into a bank is looking for money. Security personnel have to assume, that an armed person attempting to enter a courthouse is looking to harm someone. I shudder to think what could have happened had he breached security.”

Safety Entrances, also known as mantraps or security vestibules have been preventing guns and armed assailants from entering buildings for more than three decades. The entrances are pre-programmed to respond to detected threats, such as people carrying concealed guns or knives into a building. No facility using an Istoec Safety Entrance has ever suffered from an armed incursion.

Isotec has an unsurpassed track record for safety, reliability and quality. In recognition of that excellence, Isotec Safety Entrances were awarded the designation by the Department of Homeland Security as Qualified Anti-terrorism Technologies. 

There are many countermeasures to prevent active shooters from entering areas with vulnerable populations. Educating you about them and assisting you is where we excel. Active shooters are out there and they’re preparing. Let us help you stop them before they start.